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The ACE TENNIS CLUB primarily follow Angelyna, Christyna and Eryna as they progress through physical handicaps in tennis. Angelyna suffered a broken back in an accident (non-tennis), ongoing nerve damage, and then a stress fracture. Christyna's disabilities include a disorder in her joints that led to playing with a dislocated hip for four months (undiagnosed) and ultimately suffered a severely (Grade 3) ruptured hip flexor. Both play tennis even though they do no running in training and fail in school P.E. (no participation). They are closely monitored in tennis as part of a study on alternative training methods and the effects of diet on physical conditioning.
Yamanashi Dunlap Cup 2013 and 2014

Girls 12U Champion
Christyna Seiko celebrates her birthday in 2013 with a State Championship and her first Kanto title. In 2014, the worst snowstorm in over 100 years delays the event for a month, giving her more time to heal her severely (Grade 3) ruptured hip flexor, but also extending her time off the court. Having not played a single point in 3 1/2 months, she is naturally rusty, but still manages to repeat as Champion.

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6-Year Old Eryna Ayako in 1st Match
6-year old Eryna Ayako takes a 3-week crash course to prepare to play in her first career tennis match when her older sister, Christyna Seiko, was unable to get a doubles partner for the 12 & Under Prefecture (State) Championships. The contest became a dramatic 3-hour marathon that ended in a controversial 26-minute tie-break!

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ACE with Team Japan in Korea Team Japan in Korea Team Japan in Korea

ACE Girls in Korea
Angelyna Tatsuko and Christyna Seiko win the Kanagawa Qualifier Event to join Team Japan at the 8th KCP and KETF international tournaments in South Korea. Angelyna Tatsuko is cleared to play as her broken back has healed, but her international debut is derailed by nerve damage that limits the use of her left arm. Christyna Seiko goes on to post the best results for a non-Korean girl in singles and doubles in both events. Both girls are also recognized for their help as English-Japanese interpretors at the tournaments.

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ACE Elite Program vs. Japanese Tennis Academies

The ACE Tennis Training System is similar to the training of professional tennis players. We are focused and committed to a player's overall development on an individual basis, not running kids through an assembly line of drills. The advantages are detailed in the following...
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Japan Junior Tennis Tour Girls #1's

Angelyna Tatsuko and Christyna Seiko both finished 2012 with the Japan Junior Tennis Tour Year-End Girl's #1 Ranking! As they moved up a division in 2013, they also entered the year as #1 nationally in their new respective age divisions, 14U and 12U.

Playing exclusively in 12 & Under, Christyna Seiko took over the 10U top spot in May before an assault on 14U to reach All-Japan #1 rank (18 and Under) by October! While obviously not the best girl in all divisions, her ascension was probably the impetus to completely alter the JOP ranking point system from 2013.

Angelyna Tatsuko only took over the 12 U #1 spot in the final two weeks of 2012. What was just as remarkable was that she only played half the year healthy, suffering a broken back in June. She was also awarded the Comeback Story of the Year at the 6th Tomas Cup.

National Girls #1 (10/12)

Tomas Cup National Championships
Christyna Seiko, unable to practice over the previous three weeks and retiring in two tournaments during that time, enters the 5th Tomas Cup National Championships with a wrist injury requiring daily treatment from Sugita Sekkotsuin and having visualization training only. However, first time use of the Stage 1 green balls is a blessing as she is able to endure the pain and cruise into the finals.

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Girls 10U Champion
Tebowing in Japan What is Tebowing?
(vb) to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.
Oiso Phoenix Dec. 10, 2011

Angelyna Tatsuko Sasaki struggles with pain in both hands from an allergic reaction to a wasp sting, but prevails to win her seventh tournament title. Christyna Seiko Sasaki plays some solid tennis until being careless in the finals. Ironically, however, the first time the girls begin Tebowing,What is Tebowing?
(vb) to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.
Christyna fights for an incredible comeback. Down 0-5 and serving at Love-30, she battles for a 7-5 victory in a finals against Ran Miyaji, the soon-to-be-crowned #1 girl in the nation!

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